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Carousels are for kids having fun with their parents,
 grandparents, and their community family.

The carousel will promote and enhance family-oriented activities.  Although certainly not exclusively so, carousels are for kids, particularly for small children.  Carousels are for kids having fun with their parents, grandparents, and their community family.  Other attractions geared to both children and adults will be our museum and learning center.  Here children can learn about woodcarving and carousel art, demonstrated by local artists as well as noted artists and carvers from outside the area.  We plan to set aside time for schools to tour the carousel and museum and make use of the learning center on a scheduled basis.  Art students will be especially interested to learn about the history and art of the carousel.  Our proposed learning center brochure will explain the mechanical workings of the carousel and would contain mathematical and historical questions that students would need to research for answers.

To foster participation of local school children in raising funds for our project, we have established the Kids for the Carousel program.  Kids for the Carousel comprises many activities designed to raise about $75,000 in cash donations averaging $1 to $5 each, about two percent of the total required.  We believe the program is essential, not only as a significant source of needed funds, but as a way of creating and maintaining excitement and forging a sense of carousel ownership by all members of the Southern Maryland community.

Kids for the Carousel activities include, but are not limited to:

  • "Pennies for a Pony" -- the students would bring pennies to donate to the cost of adoption of their mascot or carousel ponies
  • Song Adoption Program -- the schools' songs will be included in the music played by the carousel's band organ
  • T-shirt sales
  • Inaugural poster contest, in which local school artists would compete for a modest cash prize

If you are interested in having your school or youth organization participate in Kids for the Carousel, please contact:

The Southern Maryland Carousel Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 2335
La Plata, MD  20646
Please join the Southern Maryland Carousel Group, Inc. and help us build a carousel for Southern Maryland.

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