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The Southern Maryland Carousel finds a new home!  Be sure to check out our exciting news.

Traditions of Carousels

Step back in time to learn the history of carousels and how they got their start in Charles County, Maryland.

Woodcarvers at work

See the woodcarvers / painters at work and learn the process of creating a carousel animal and the final product.

"A carousel is a fabulous array of menagerie animals and full of fantasy and imagination."

Exciting News!  Be sure and check out an article entitled "The horses will ride in La Plata" in the Maryland Independent about the new home for our carousel.  

Want to help make this dream a reality?  Make a tax deductible donation TODAY by visiting ourGoFundMe page or by mailing a check made payable to the Southern Maryland Carousel Group, P.O. Box 2335, La Plata, MD  20646. 

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to ride the carousel in my home town!

Welcome to the Southern Maryland Carousel Group, Inc. in La Plata, MD. 

The Southern Maryland Carousel Group, a 501c (3) organization, was founded in 2004.  Our goal is to construct a full scale working carousel in Southern Maryland.  The facility will house a carousel, woodcarving museum with artifacts and pictures of Marshall Hall, a gift shop, and a woodcarving learning center for youth and adults. 

Our shop is located at The Davis Building, 313 East Charles Street in La Plata, MD, where seven carvers previously worked three days each week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  All of the carousel animals are now complete.  There were about 20 artists we called on to paint the animals.  Carving of the animals started in early 2005 and to date we have 53 animals and two chariots completed.  The animals are carved entirely of wood and by hand.   The adoption program has resulted in 15 animals and two handicapped accessible chariots being adopted. Four elementary schools have taken advantage of having their mascot on the carousel.   

Currently, we have animals placed throughout the County; Newburg Welcome Center,  The Carousel Clothing Store in Waldorf, Joson Jewelry in La Plata,  Charles County Courthouse, and the Charles County Government Building in La Plata. 

Be sure and visit our website frequently as we are constantly adding more information and photos of the horses that have been completed and the progress we make to achieve our goal!